An interview with - Anders Rømer

An interview with - Anders Rømer

Anders Rømer


 Psychologist, DJ and Runner


 1. Could you share a bit about your running journey? What initially inspired you to start running, and how has that journey evolved to where you are today?
"I started running in highschool simply because it was the most time efficient way to get some exercise. I used to play volleyball and handball, but I needed something for days off, and I really came to love the flexibility of running - shoes on, and you're good to go. Simple as that. 
A few years later, I ran my first marathon, 19 years old. When I moved to Aarhus, I started running with a club, and after moving to Copenhagen, I founded NBRO Running with Karl-Oskar Olsen, Troels Frederiksen and Mike Hansen."   

2. How often do you run, and what is your preferred time of day for a run? Do you have any specific rituals or routines that help you prepare for your runs?
"I prefer to run late evening on weekdays and morning (not too early though) in the weekend or other days off work. 
These days, I try to commute a lot. There's a nice 10 km run from my home in Nørrebro to my work. 
I din't really feel like I need something to help me prepare for my runs; they are a complete no-brainer to me, and it's almost never hard to get myself out." 
3.  Running can be a deeply personal endeavor. Can you describe what running means to you on a personal level and how it has shaped your life? 
"Running is my self therapy for sure. I love to be physically active, and to be honest I also need it to stay mentally healthy. However, I tend to train A LOT, and it can sometimes take up too much time and mental energy, so I keep looking for the perfect balance."

4. Running can be physically and mentally demanding. How do you personally prioritize your overall well-being, both physically and mentally, throughout your demanding training and racing schedule?
"For me, training and overall well-being go hand in hand. Hence, I highly prioritize the former. "

5. Many runners have a special connection with certain routes or places they run. Is there a particular location or route that holds personal significance for you? What makes it special?
"Ahh yes, same for me!
 have a lot; for instance a route through the forest and around a lake at my hometown of Skørping, Nordjylland, the East River Park Track in NYC and Utterslev Mose in Copenhagen where I currently live. "
6. Running-related injuries are common in the sport. Can you talk about a personal experience with an injury, how you handled it, and the role that comfortable rehabilitation played in your recovery.
"I have a chronic knee injury. The doctors say they can operate it, but I would probably never be able to run as I do now again. My philosophy about it is that I have one life and one body, and I'll make sure to make the most of both."

7. What personal tips or strategies do you use to recognize and address discomfort or pain during training, helping to reduce the risk of injury for yourself?
"I'm very bad at addressing issues. Probably because I like running so much. Recently I've been to a physiotherapist for the first time in 2-3 years because of muscle pain for more than a year, haha" 

8. How do you find a comfortable balance between your running pursuits and other aspects of your life, such as work, family, and personal time?
"I always liked being busy. I work full time in workdays and as a DJ in the weekends, and I try to run at least 100 km a week and remain a big part of the structure of NBRO. For me, the real game changer was getting kids; now my primary focus is on them and their wellbeing, so my training comes second. Hence, I sometimes run early in the morning or late at night, or I might even skip training to go to the playground instead"

9. What are your current running goals, and how does your focus on comfort contribute to achieving those goals?
"This is a tricky one for me. I always loved competing against myself and my previous PBs. I got my first kid 4 years ago and haven't set a new record since Valencia Marathon, December 2019. This is super hard for me; In my mind, I'm still a 2:32 marathoner aiming to go sub-2:30. But in reality that's not even close to happening these days. I think the main reason is that I so rarely have the time to run with my crew. I get so much better when I train with NBRO. "

10. Looking ahead, what are your aspirations in your running journey, and how will you continue to prioritize comfort and well-being in your athletic pursuits?
"I would love to do more races in new countries. I've done the Majors (loved Tokyo) and a ton of races throughout Europe, but it would be fun to go to South Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico, Vietnam etc. to race. 
When it comes to gear, looks is always the most important factor for me. I'm not gonna use shoes, clothes, hats, watches or whatever if they're ugly. My philosophy is that I need to feel that I could use my running gear for everyday purposes like shopping, hanging out with my friends, or even going to a bar or restaurant. 
That being said, comfort is also very important for me. At the end of the day, my most flashy but not comfortable gear stays in the back of my drawer. "