An Interview with - Malthe Ravn

An Interview with - Malthe Ravn

Malthe Ravn


 Store Manager and Runner


 1. How did your passion for fashion and running begin, and what do these interests mean to you on a personal level?
" My passion for fashion and running actually started at the same time. I found that I felt better when I dressed well and simultaneously enjoyed exercise through running. For me, fashion and running are not just ways to stay in shape but also ways to express myself. They are part of my identity and how I feel most comfortable."   

2. Can you describe your typical running routine and share how you incorporate style and comfort into your running attire?
" My typical running routine involves a combination of interval training and longer runs. When it comes to running attire, comfort is key for me. I choose materials that allow movement and are breathable. Style comes naturally, as I always go for clothing that reflects my personal style and is functional for running." 
3.  Are there specific running outfits or accessories that you consider your favorites, and why do they combine fashion and function effectively? 
" My favorite running outfits are those that both look good and support my performance. I have some technical running tights and a lightweight singlet that not only look stylish but also help regulate my temperature during my runs."

4. In what ways do you express your fashion sensibilities through your running attire and gear?
" I choose colors and patterns that reflect my personal style, even when it comes to running gear. I believe that if you feel comfortable in what you're wearing, it can enhance your running experience "

5. Are there fashion icons or trends that have influenced your running style, and how has this inspiration impacted your approach to running fashion?
"I'm inspired by both classic running styles and current trends. I aim to create a unique combination of both to express myself authentically."

6. Running communities often celebrate diverse styles. How do you feel your unique take on running fashion fits into the larger running community
"I believe my unique approach to running fashion reflects the diversity within the running community. There's room for all styles, and it's about feeling comfortable in what you're wearing while enjoying the run."

7. Can you share any memorable experiences related to combining fashion and running, such as themed races or events?
"I've participated in some themed runs where dressing up was a significant part of the experience. Being able to combine my passion for fashion with my love for running has created some unforgettable moments and fun memories." 

8. Finding the right balance between style and comfort during a run can be a challenge. What strategies do you use to ensure that your running attire both looks good and enhances your comfort and performance?
" I always choose clothing designed for running that also fits my personal style. It's essential to consider weather conditions and select materials that keep me dry and comfortable throughout the run."

9. What are your current running goals, and how does your passion for fashion play a role in achieving these goalsv?
" My current running goals include improving my speed and increasing my endurance to complete a marathon next year. My passion for fashion motivates me to invest in the right gear that can help me achieve these goals while looking good along the way."

10. Looking ahead, what are your aspirations in your journey of blending fashion and running, and how will you continue to merge these two passions while prioritizing comfort and well-being in your pursuits?
" I hope to inspire others to see that fashion and running don't have to be mutually exclusive. I will continue to explore new ways to combine style and sport while prioritizing comfort and well-being for the best running experience."